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About Us



Greek Kulture was developed to bring creative and stylish clothing apparel and African artwork to all fraternity and sorority member. We are redefining paraphernalia so that both professionals and college students can represent everywhere. Why represent other popular brands when you can represent something near and dear to your heart?

Greek Kulture believes the gospel is about self-sacrifice not self-service. For this reason we give a portion of all profits to charity groups both here and abroad. Help us help others. 
"If we treat everyone according to the way they appear, they will stay that way, but if we treat everyone as if they were what they ought to be and could be, they will become bigger and better".


  • To produce authentic African Artwork and Unique Stylish Clothing to meet the needs today's successful Greek Sorority and Fraternity members.
  • Providing opportunities for youth both here in the United States and Ghana through a partnership with Sankofa International.

Authorized Vendors for: Kappa Alpha Psi & Omega Psi Phi