​Best All-Purpose Sock

Posted by Greek Kulture on 24th Nov 2018

The Best All-Purpose Sock

Maybe it’s a part of getting old but comfortable, multi-purpose, breathable socks have become a must for my daily happiness. There’s something to be said about feeling the seams in your socks, your foot sliding around in your shoes, or your socks sliding down causing discomfort while you walk. After trying Adidas,CopperFit,Under Armour,Nike,Strideline, Thorlos, and Under Armoursocks I believe Stridelinehas the best sock by far.

Stridelinesocks are the solution to all your problems. Strideline socks are available in a Low/Ankle, Mid Socks, and Crew. These socks are ultra-cushiony due to the ultra-soft combed cottons and the design provides a seamless feel. The rubber elastic combined with the 5-ply grippy yarns eliminate annoying sliding or slippage. The memory yarns are guaranteed to form to your foot and the left/right foot design also assist in providing a great fit. Stridelinesocks are available in both black, white, and custom designs. The solid color socks are also great because they don’t display large brand logos, which makes them very easy to dress them up, go casual, and/or hit the gym. These socks will be only ones you will need outside of your dress sock collation.